StatLink automates data acquisition from disparate industry sources and maintains data in a coherent enterprise database to simplify information dissemination throughout entire company.

red-09The increasing number of sources feeding data to the UK and European natural gas industry means that the inefficiencies associated with the manual collection and organization of information is having a greater impact on competitiveness. Real-time data is essential, but can be tedious and error prone to collect manually.


Features include:

  • Implements multiple interfaces to UK and European energy industry systems with over 300 datasets.
  • Provides a coherent source of data in an enterprise grade database
  • Dashboard topographical depiction included as standard
  • Instant changes to data notifications
  • Energy focused charts
  • Advanced Year on Year statistical analysis
  • Facilitates specific datasets search and manual data download
    Excel plug in


Instantaneous flow data, as well as demand, both historic and forecast, are shown on UK map with expandable terminal flows providing increased detail. Forecast flows, demand, linepack and price data are displayed in an easy to read tabular structure. The data updates automatically to keep you current and is able to react swiftly to changes with a holistic view of the system.

The daily rate of flow (actual/nominated) and the percentage change comparing the daily flow rate with the last published data are shown on the European map for each country and region. Aggregate Storage, LNG Stocks and Demand are also displayed on the screen providing vital operational data at a glance.

While European Country Summary gives an outline of physical flows / directions for each country. The map also provides supply and demand figures, as well as LNG stock and storage data which all together allow users to make comprehensive decisions.