Innovez also provides services for less fluid problems within the Energy Trading Space: FirstQuote, Easy CVA and Matching Engine.



The system provides consolidated and configurable real time access to market pricing data, enables analytics and calculations on live data as well as full integration with Innovez Analytic for historic analysis. Custom formulas such as clean spark or currency expressions can be defined to display calculated price and volume data from the market and custom sources, live. Whether by providing the best tools for trading decisions, or facilitating customer flow, FirstQuote is easily configurable to meet your needs.

Features include:

  • Live consolidation of multiple broker feeds into flexible market layouts
  • An automated alerts system
  • Custom formulas – user defined calculations and custom sources
  • Monitoring trades in the market and in your company
  • Live price data can be embedded to Excel for use in a pricing spreadsheet or other such system.
  • Available on mobile
  • Zero install deployments available, for remote workers.



Matching Engine

Matching Engine expedites broker’s counterparty matching process and handles transactions with access from anywhere. Also available on mobile, matching engine comes with a broker focused charting package.

Features include:

  1. Advanced deal types:

–  Fill or kill

–  Iceberg

–  Good until

–  Multi-leg transactions

2. Multiple credit matrix system:

–  Client tools for credit

–  Asymmetrical credit possible

3. Graphing server:

–  Allows graphing on low power devices

4. Suite of broker tools:

–  Rapid assist customers with orders

–  Quick deployment of new markets


Easy CVA

Automates regular monthly claims validation and prevents human error risk exposure. Shippers are obliged to provide necessary information so National Grid may allocate NTS charges to shippers/traders based on actual gas flows into NTS as part of claims validation. To facilitate this Easy CVA imports relevant nominations from your internal system and transforms it to XML files, in few mouse clicks.

Features include:

Handles all gas shipping related transactions such as EPS, Base, Purchase, Sale, etc; with any number of counterparties.

Rapid database imports for nomination data.