StatLink Update October 2016

Innovez added UGS Etzel Crystal & UGS Nuettermoor L (Mooraecker) to GasunieFlows. Furthermore, the new version includes UGS Etzel Crystal for JordgasFlows and the SnamReteFlowsHourly dataset. GazSystemFlows and GazSystemNoms now also account for Yamal pipleline data.

Innovez expands software development team

Innovez is pleased to announce the growth of our team and welcomes our newest members, Oliver and Jonathan on board. Both developers joined the company at the end of September and we are looking forward to further expanding. ?

StatLink Update September

We extended our continuously growing database by adding the SPPStorage, MNDGasStorageGermany, DunkerqueLNG, GIEUnavailability and TerranetsEntsog datasets. Furthermore, we updated GTSStorageEntsogFlows and GTSStorageEntsogCapacities to include Jemgum as OUDE STATENZIJL (EWE JEMGUM) for consistency with other Jemgum point. Our newest StatLink Update includes GWh, TWh units for GIEStorage dataset,which then are converted to mcm. Additionally, OpenGridEurope now … Continued

Innovez updates StatLink – June 2016

We added the mapping function for ST Fergus NSMP in FlowData and updated the function for France to use GRTPhysFlowsPIRHourly. Furthermore, we added APIs, tables and tasks for AmberGridCapacityAndGasFlow, GRTPhysFlowsPIRHourly and EUStream Mwh. The newest StatLink update now also has APIs for PolskieLNG and KlaipedaLNGStock. Additionally, we included Alveringem to our data model with mapping … Continued

Innovez attends WellChild Dinner April 2016

The event was attend by more than 330 members of the industry and raised ?94,000 this year. Our company actively participated in the event by successfully biding on an original Star Wars poster on the live auction. Our team had a lot of fun during the night and especially enjoyed this year?s theme: Superheroes. all … Continued

StatLink Dataset Update -December 2015

We aggregated the new GTGNordNoms data point to the StatLink database, providing a more detailed overview of the European Natural Gas Network at the Dutch Border. Furthermore, Thyssengas was altered, we removed discontinued points and added new points, making sure the most up to date data is continuously provided. Columns added to the database include, … Continued

Analytic 5.2.91 -December 2015

With the latest update of Analytic, lines are made easier to read with the new highlighting function. Now, hovering over a legend line will emphasise the corresponding line on the chart. In addition, should the previous expiry be invalid for the current data series, the default expiry will be set to ?Day Ahead?. ?Furthermore, our … Continued

Innovez improves StatLink October 2015

We updated StatLinks Flowdata dataset, which now accounts for the new gas year times in the UK (5 a.m. rather than 6 a.m.). Furthermore, new StorengyDeutschland points and new Emden points were added to reflect changes in reporting. The start date for Net4GasFlows was also altered to account for late updates, which occasionally have been … Continued

StatLink Updated to Version 1.3.206

The new update includes a refreshed list of ULRs on the DataItemExplorer tool and new column have also been aggregated to the FluxysDEFlows including Physical flows and MeasuredGCV. Changes to the Energinet website have also been made with relation to the Allocations, Flows and Nominations. For further information on StatLink please contact sales on +44 … Continued