StatLink Update September

We extended our continuously growing database by adding the SPPStorage, MNDGasStorageGermany, DunkerqueLNG, GIEUnavailability and TerranetsEntsog datasets. Furthermore, we updated GTSStorageEntsogFlows and GTSStorageEntsogCapacities to include Jemgum as OUDE STATENZIJL (EWE JEMGUM) for consistency with other Jemgum point.

Our newest StatLink Update includes GWh, TWh units for GIEStorage dataset,which then are converted to mcm. Additionally, OpenGridEurope now accounts for Etzel (Speicher ESE),Bitzenlander Weg 3, Etzel (Speicher Crystal) and Bitzenlander Weg 10.?Henceforwards, Net4GasStorage includes PZP Moravia.